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    can we use buttons inside the form

    Hi All,
    I am developing an application in pjava for 9210 communicator,
    I haven't used real device, I am just developing on Emulator,
    I wanted to develope a Form with Buttons on it(not the CBAButton),
    If have it, how do we click on it, on the real device.
    Does the real device have a touch screen like palm or Ipaq.
    Can you please give me an Idea.

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    RE: can we use buttons inside the form


    It's not recommended to use Buttons or any mouse based actions in 9210 communicator since 9210 does not support mouse or touch screen by default. there is only a virtual pointer when you access web page.

    CBA and Manu button are quite useful in communicator application.

    Best Regards,
    Wang Kui / Forum Nokia

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