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    Question Creating a compatible website for mobiles

    Hi Guys!!

    I am creating a website for mobile interne. I want yo create it in such a way that it is compatible with mobile phones of all models and sizes. Please explain how to do it...can we do it in xhtml ? Please help me....

    Kind Regards,

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    Re: Creating a compatible website for mobiles

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    Re: Creating a compatible website for mobiles

    To help familiarize yourself with the mobile web dev environment, access the following markup pages on your device to test XHTML and CSS styling:

    * http://cameronmoll.com/articles/mobile/mkp/

    Compare styling on your desktop machine with that of your mobile device. Next, make a stop at Patrick Griffith’s handheld media test page to determine how/if your device interprets media="handheld":

    * http://htmldog.com/test/handheld.html

    Red and green visuals will indicate what forms of handheld links your device supports. Realize that we’re not suggesting that by testing your device you’ll automatically grasp the mobile web at large, but merely that you’ll be more sympathetic to its shortcomings in terms of HTML markup and CSS styling.

    get more information : http://www.eluminoustechnologies.com...or_mobiles.htm
    Visit: http://www.eluminoustechnologies.com

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