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    Exclamation Use mbm file for Application Icon! ????


    I have a problem that Icon mbm file is shown differently in edit state and in emulator/phone.

    I made successfuly a mbm icon file from bmp file.

    I verify this Icon mbm file is shown like the source bmp file by using "S60Tools\mbmviewer\mbmviewer.exe" in S60 3rd edition and "Seriese60Tools\\mbmviewer\mbmviewer.exe in S60 2nd edition.

    But this icon mbm file is shown differntly in emulator/phone and in edit state.
    Ex. A red icon is shown yellow icon.

    Here is my project code for S60 3rd edition.

    myProject. mmp file

    START BITMAP myProject.mbm
    TARGETPATH \Resource\Apps
    SOURCEPATH ..\aif
    SOURCE c8 list_icon.bmp
    SOURCE c8 list_icon_mask.bmp
    SOURCE c8 context_pane_icon.bmp
    SOURCE c8 context_pane_icon_mask.bmp
    myProject.rss file
    RESOURCE LOCALISABLE_APP_INFO r_myproject_localisable_app_info
    short_caption = qtn_app_short_caption_string;
    caption_and_icon =
    caption = qtn_app_caption_string;

    number_of_icons = 2;
    icon_file = "\\resource\\apps\\myProject.mbm ";
    Plz tell me ! What is the reason?
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    C++ for Symbian OS S60 2nd/3rd Edition SDK

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    Re: Use mbm file for Application Icon! ????

    I have the same problem before.
    I think the problem is in the pkg file, the mbm path not right.

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