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    PC Suite synched and lost all my names but memory full!!?

    Please help me before I go demented! I recently downloaded PC suite (as an upgrade) ver 6.81.13 and have had real problems since. I couldn't sync with my 6320i (windows XP) but purchased new Nokia cable and managed. Now my phone has no names in its address book yet tells me that SIM card and phone memory is full. I cannot access any names yet when I recieve messages or call it knows who is calling. I am trying to sync with outlook and although calander details come through, no joy with names and addresses. It would appear to be a problem with PC Suite (no surprise) but can anyone help? Do you have a fix or can you tell me where I can download previous version of PC suite?

    Please help me!!!!!

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    Re: PC Suite synched and lost all my names but memory full!!?

    This discussion board is only for Developer Support.

    Nokia end user products support questions should be addressed at Nokia's online support sites http://www.nokia.com/support not here in Forum Nokia.

    Also there are some localized product support forums and one that is monitored and where you can get attention and solutions http://discussions.europe.nokia.com/. If you post your concerns there you may get a response from there.


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