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    non-Unicode build

    i need to compile my view application for non-Unicode build

    Kindly can you help me how to modify it (let us say it is helloworld example)


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    Re: non-Unicode build

    Since most SDK-s do not contain non-Unicode libraries, you are not likely to succeed. However the build command would be nearly the same, but without the letter "u" (e.g. abld build armi rel, and the like).
    By the way: why do you believe that you would benefit from a non-Unicode build?

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    Re: non-Unicode build

    thank you for your reply

    it is not my option
    i always use unicode build

    i found that
    in carbide.c++ express edition you can turn it off by define symbols node in project properties
    also can done for Carbide.VS

    but i do not know how to do that for BC++ Mobile 1.5

    i know it is not right question but it is not my option


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