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    User-Agent HTTP header


    I wonder if there is a specification of the User-Agent headers for the different phones/platforms?

    For instance, the User-Agent header for 6111 says "Nokia6111/2.0 (03.70) Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration /CLDC-1.1"
    The phone type, MIDP and CLDC are rather self-explanatory, but what does the 2.0 and (03.70) mean?

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    Re: User-Agent HTTP header

    There are a couple of sticky threads in here on this

    And specific phone models are available through these kinds of urls (copy the name from that list above)

    If I remember correctly the 2.0 refers to the major release and 3.70 refers to the firmware version.


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    Re: User-Agent HTTP header

    Ok, thanks, those links were nice but didn't really answer the question (or perhaps it did, but I couldn't find it anyhow...)

    The sticky explained a lot specifically for the s60. And the http://nds.nokia.com/uaprof/uaprof_list.txt list had too much info

    My problem is that I have a lot of customers that use my MIDlet. These customers use different mobile phones. What I want to do is to save statistics of the mobile phone model, MIDP-version, CLDC-version, etc. In order to do that I parse the user-agent header. So what I need is a generic spec of the header, not only for s60. I really hope that the headers aren't model specific

    regards - Mikael

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    Re: User-Agent HTTP header

    Well, found another post that might answer it. http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=67219
    Isn't nice when you answer your own questions??

    But I still would like to think that Nokia has an official spec...

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