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    Building process in Carbide.c++ - feedback


    I have another quite stupid question regarding the build process in Carbide.c++.

    I have two possibilities how to build project: I can click on "hammer" button on tool bar or selecting project in Navigation tree and the select "Build project".

    I think that when IDE detect that there are no changes in the code it will not build it again and if I click on "hammer" button nothing will happend.
    But if I select "Build project" then I can build it even if "hammer" button doesn't work. But from time to time it also doesn't work and one should "make some spaces" to the source code, save it and then build it again...

    There is also in pop-up menu when clicking right button on root node of the project in "Navigation bar" another menu item "Rebuild project". I don't know why but sometimes this options dissapear from menu....

    Consider this thread as a feedback...


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    Re: Building process in Carbide.c++ - feedback

    Thank you for the feedback, while I'm not sure there is a bug related to this, I will be sure to look into it just in case.

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