My sis file installs few apps that cooperates with each other. There is a need to install this files on drive C, since this drive is always present and application must run always. Ofcourse user want it to run.... From my knowledge most of users do not know what is really happening in their device- they don't know that if they will install my app on mmc card and throw it out, my app will be closed... So... how to pass Symbian Signed with such app?Huh

There is a wird regulation:
Test ID - PKG-05
Test Title - Installation to all Memory Locations

That tells that user should have a choice of drive location. I dont want to give that choice....

I've seen "Waiver request form" on symbian signed site. Should I fill it and attach to my application during symbian signed process???
How does it works? (Could I be sure that such app with that form could be signed??? )

Wojciech Freliszka