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    E62, Bluetooth and Cingular

    I just got a Nokia E62 from Cingular and my third-party signed midlet that uses bluetooth will not work. If I request bluetooth permissions in the jad at install the installation fails. If list the bluetooth permissions as optional the install works but in the permissions settings there is no "Connectivity" option and when I try to use bluetooth I get a SecurityException. It appears that cingular has locked down the bluetooth api such that even a signed midlet can't access. Anybody else run into this? I assume this is just a cingular security setting issue and that if I got a non-cingular phone it would work fine.

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    Re: E62, Bluetooth and Cingular

    I know this won't answer your question, but I just today re-read the Java Signing requirements document from Cingular Developer site and that showed trusted 3rd party midlets being able to access Bluetooth. Unsigned midlets do not have that access, though...


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    Re: E62, Bluetooth and Cingular

    scole.. we are getting the same problem. We signed the app with Verisign thinking it would fix the problem... did you ever find a solution?

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    You have to go through the Cingular signing process.
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