Hello everyone, I'm an undergraduate university student and I'm writing a report named "Java vs Symbian C++: which is more suitable for cellphone game development?" I nearly finished it and got the following conclusions, as I'm not an expert and this subject is actuall an Art subject, so I wish I could get some alternative opinions apart from my conclusions.

Symbian C++ is generally faster than Java as their distinct compilation/execution mechenisms.
(alt: JIT, 3D that uses hardware to perform most jobs so language irrelevant)

Java is more or less stable than Symbian C++ as the "black box" mechanism and Symbian C++'s full control of the system

Java is more or less compatible than Symbian C++ as Symbian applications are supposed to run on only Symbian OS
(alt: Java looses marks of compatibility because of non-standard JSRs)

Symbian C++ can access all features provided by OS, obviously more than J2ME.
(alt, J2ME can also do through JSRs, and, keep in mind, the title of the report is "game development", so if those functionalities really needed for game?)

Please help me with alternative opinions regarding these four categories.
Thanks in advance.