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    Error on TS 1.2.1

    Hey all!

    I´m using Theme Studio 1.2.1 (because the easy way to set icons )

    but now i got a problem:
    I added some 3rd part icons...then i cant create a sis file, i get an error:
    " error ..... blablabla... line 238... font" <- something like this!

    then i removed 3rd part icons for fontremover and then it worked to create a sis file!

    so i decited to add some more rd part icons...wanted to creat a sis: same error as before...

    so i deleted the new 3rd part icons in the list where i can set them...

    wanted to create a sis again: same error!!

    can someone help me?

    sry for my bad english

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    Question Re: Error on TS 1.2.1

    Can you be a bit more precise on what you are adding and removing and provide the error message in full as well.
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