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    Question IrCOMM Initialization Problem

    I am writing a program to connect a N71 with a PC through IrCOMM. When I open the port (class RComm) and start to transmit data from phone (.Write(...), my data are not send, but a series of ~250 bytes are transmited to PC (in chunks of ~32 bytes like FE, *** FE, 98, 00, 96 etc. After the .Write() command, a User::WaitForRequest() follows that is returning timeout error (the timeout is set to 5sec).
    As I found in help, IrCOMM before transmitting or receiving data, is testing the other device (the PC in my case) for cappabilities (like "3Wire Raw", "9Wire" etc) and it is waiting for a response. Does anybody knows about this "protocol" and what I have to send from the PC as response to initiate a "3Wire Raw" connection?

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    Re: IrCOMM Initialization Problem

    I have the same problem? anybody help me?

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