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    Problems with java games... crashes

    I've bougth a new nokia 5300 last week and i have some software problems...
    I think it's because java games that crash... and are killed with the exit (hangup) key aren't deleted from memory and the next game i'm entering doesn't have enought memory to run and crashes also...
    Pls tell me how can i repair this bug.. or if you have a application for memory releasing... pls send it to me... cause now the only way is to turn off and the on to run another game... after a crashing...

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    Re: Problems with java games... crashes

    welcome aboard!

    it you are sure that could be related to not freeied resource consided implementing "destroyApp" unconditional exit routine,
    if you reffer to docs "destroyApp" is called with unconditional equals true when called by appliation manager,
    handling that event is importnat because that is last chance for you to release any resources to help device free memory,
    see my post here with example code which deals with "destroyApp" routine (used in different subject - but usage is the same):

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