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    Serialization Framework for CLDC


    During my work I've recognized that there is no framework that allows to serialize java classes for the CLDC (obviously because it lacks reflection). But still I found it worthwile to investigate (and develop) such a framework.
    The resulting software enables the application developer to store and load respectively java objects into a byte stream but also seamlessly into the RMS with just one method call. It is even possible to remotely store objects in a central (server sided) database, again with just one method call. Of course the framework is still buggy as it is an early prototype, but it works.

    My question is, would you guys be interested in such a framework? Would you appreciate the framework to be release as open source? It would take me some time (I don't have) so I thought it might be better asking first :-)


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    Re: Serialization Framework for CLDC

    Yes, it is interesting. I am not sure how you can achieve this without generating code outside of the device. Is this Nokia specific framework?

    Anyways, there are a lot of free CVS/SVN repositories available that you can post the code to.

    Or just post the idea how to do it here

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