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    Exclamation Emulator odd behavior

    Has anybody come across this odd emulator behavior-

    I made changes to my app and found that when started in the emulator I consistently get 'STOP SYSTEM ERROR' (no error code, though extended codes are turned on).

    If I then go to emulator Tool/preferences and toggle an option (any option), say 'extended panic codes', my app then starts and runs/exits as expected. It works normally until the app is compiled again then the behavior repeats itself- Am I going mad??

    I've re-installed the SDK but the behavior persists- Any ideas would be appreciated

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    Re: Emulator odd behavior


    You said you reinstalled the sdk, but have you removed all the applications.
    What i would suggest is take a backup of all the applications and first uninstall the sdk and then reinstall the sdk ( fresh installation).

    I think this should solve the problem.


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