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    how to calculate the byte tranfer to the http server


    I'm developing a multiplayer game on mobile phone.
    At the end of the connexion, I need to know how many bytes were sent and received from the http server.

    Here is the part code for the connexion to the server (the code is functional):

    HttpConnection connection = (HttpConnection)Connector.open(request);
    InputStream is = connection.openInputStream();
    long length = connection.getLength();
    byte[] datach = new byte[1];
    int ch = 0;
    while(is.read(datach) != -1)
    	ch = datach[0];
    String s = b.toString();
    The size of each data I have to send or receive is less than 50 bytes.
    All I do for now is adding the request size and the server response size.
    For each request, I have to count the header size and the data size. But I don't know how to find the header size of my request.
    And for each response from the server, I count the header size and the data size with connection.getLength().
    I don't know whether it's the right method.

    Does anyone know a better method to calculate exactly the bytes sent and received?

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    Re: how to calculate the byte tranfer to the http server


    not sure if that is possible using only client api (though tools like widset support that but I guess due to using SocketConnection not HttpConnection),
    so you could simply provide server-side session bean that counts data-transfer for each user and query that bean from game (that is request that data from server page for each user while ending game session or provide "see my data transfer" online tool for users),


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