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    Take a query dialog to foreground

    Hi Experts

    I know this issue has already been dealt with a lot of times but i still have some newbie questons.
    Ok my problem is: I have to show up a dialog to the user, but i want it to be displayed when the
    application is running in background, like it was an incoming call dialog. I got that i have to take
    my application to the foreground before displaying the dialog but it doesnt work. The code is:

    void CMyAppUi::BringToForeground()
    	 // Construct en empty TApaTask object
    	 // giving it a reference to the Window Server session
    	 TApaTask task(iEikonEnv->WsSession( ));
    	 // Initialise the object with the window group id of
    	 // our application (so that it represent our app)
    	 // Request window server to bring our application
    	 // to foreground
    and it is called in CMyEngine like this:

    TBuf<25> msg(_L("Incoming Call\nAnswer?"));
    CAknQueryDialog* dlg = CAknQueryDialog::NewL( );
    TInt choice = dlg->ExecuteLD(R_MYAPP_CONFIRMATION_QUERY, msg);	
    if ( choice == EAknSoftkeyShow )
    	//'Answer' pressed		
    	//Handle positive confirmation
    	//'Exit' pressed		
    	//Handle negative confirmation
    But it still doesnt take the application (and above all the query dialog) to the foreground.
    What's wrong with it?
    Any help is appreciated

    Thank in advance

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    Re: Take a query dialog to foreground

    I solved the problem by using CAknGlobalConfirmationQuery. Thank you anyway

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    Re: Take a query dialog to foreground

    Hi rambler82,

    I am new in Symbian development. I am fetching same problem to take the query dialog to foreground on incoming call ringing.

    I can see that you have solved the problem.

    If you give the sample code of it and also give the special tricks on it then I shall be very gratefull to you.

    Please put some sample code that will help every one.


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