Hello i have a Nokia 6280 (Series 40 3rd edition)

I have played with a theme studio 2.1 and hass tryed just about everything.

I still want to know more.

Did you know f.ex that a theme.nth is just a zip file ?

Try renaming theme.nth to theme.zip and open it.

there you will find a .xml file open it and you will se your sourcecode for your theme.

Now there must be more to a theme then the commands the theme studio 2.1 offers.

f.ex i want to change the batteri-status-little-image-on-top and the clock look so bad in idle mode så there must be some commands for changing that.

also the play button in the musicplayer would be nice the change and sometimes f.ex if i run a Java2ME program then it uses the standard wait-graphics instead of the one used in the theme.

So if anyone knows some secrets the nokia themes i would very much like to know

and if you have some questions just ask here and i would do my best.