Hi All Experts!

I created the MIME type recognizer through carbide_vs_201-001 wizard.

We want to target the devices in range 6.1 to 8.0

I tested initially on Nokia 3650. While installing only its giving
AppArcServerThread User 11 n if I keep on pressing ok the error message continues and the device hangs.
If I reset the device it starts, but any appication if I try to open gives the system error.

I have format the device n use :-(

What may be the problem?

Some snippet of the code:

// .mmp

TARGET HDARecogzRecog.mdl
UID 0x10003a19 0x0469b031
TARGETPATH \system\recogs


_LIT8(KHDARecogzRecogMimeType, "application/hda");

void CHDARecogzRecog::DoRecognizeL(const TDesC& aName, const TDesC8& /*aBuffer*/)
TParse parse;
User::LeaveIfError(parse.Set(aName, NULL, NULL));
//_LIT(KDotogg, ".ogg");
_LIT(KDotogg, ".hda");

if(parse.ExtPresent() && !parse.Ext().CompareF(KDotogg))
iConfidence = ECertain;
iDataType = TDataType(KHDARecogzRecogMimeType);


Plz guide.