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    Exclamation Recognizer Hangs the Phone

    Hi All Experts!

    I created the MIME type recognizer through carbide_vs_201-001 wizard.

    We want to target the devices in range 6.1 to 8.0

    I tested initially on Nokia 3650. While installing only its giving
    AppArcServerThread User 11 n if I keep on pressing ok the error message continues and the device hangs.
    If I reset the device it starts, but any appication if I try to open gives the system error.

    I have format the device n use :-(

    What may be the problem?

    Some snippet of the code:

    // .mmp

    TARGET HDARecogzRecog.mdl
    UID 0x10003a19 0x0469b031
    TARGETPATH \system\recogs


    _LIT8(KHDARecogzRecogMimeType, "application/hda");

    void CHDARecogzRecog::DoRecognizeL(const TDesC& aName, const TDesC8& /*aBuffer*/)
    TParse parse;
    User::LeaveIfError(parse.Set(aName, NULL, NULL));
    //_LIT(KDotogg, ".ogg");
    _LIT(KDotogg, ".hda");

    if(parse.ExtPresent() && !parse.Ext().CompareF(KDotogg))
    iConfidence = ECertain;
    iDataType = TDataType(KHDARecogzRecogMimeType);


    Plz guide.

    Shilpa Kulkarni

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    Re: Recognizer Hangs the Phone

    Just be sure the name of the recognizer is less than 12 characters.

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    Re: Recognizer Hangs the Phone

    Quote Originally Posted by Shilpa13 View Post
    I have format the device n use :-(
    That is why you should consider deploying the recognizer to the removable drive when you are developing it.
    You can still try holding the pencil key during the boot. It is said to result in some kind of limited boot, when some things are not loaded. Perhaps the recognizers are also amongst them.

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