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    Bluetooth / Change the RFCOMM server channel number


    When I create a RFCOMM server the channel is automatically set by the system. I'd like to choose it myself, but for now I can't manage to do it !

    I have this exception raised :

    Bluetooth Server Running Error: javax.bluetooth.ServiceRegistrationException: wrong protocol description list attribue

    Here is a block of code I have used to try changing the channel :

    ServiceRecord sr = localDevice.getRecord(notifier);
    DataElement protocolDescriptorList = sr.getAttributeValue(0x0004);
    Enumeration protocolDescriptorListElems = (Enumeration)protocolDescriptorList.getValue();

    DataElement newProtocolDescriptorList = new DataElement (DataElement.DATSEQ);
    DataElement newRFCOMM = new DataElement (DataElement.DATSEQ);

    DataElement deL2CAP = (DataElement)protocolDescriptorListElems.nextElement();

    DataElement deRFCOMM = (DataElement)protocolDescriptorListElems.nextElement();
    Enumeration deRFCOMMElems = (Enumeration)deRFCOMM.getValue();
    DataElement deRFCOMMUUID = (DataElement)deRFCOMMElems.nextElement();
    DataElement deRFCOMMChannel = (DataElement)deRFCOMMElems.nextElement();
    DataElement deRFCOMMChannelNew = new DataElement(DataElement.U_INT_1, 14); // I try to change to channel 14
    // here if I do newRFCOMM.addElement(deRFCOMMChannel); everything works fine

    sr.setAttributeValue(0x0004, newProtocolDescriptorList);

    Thanks a lot to anybody would have an idea !!!

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    Re: Bluetooth / Change the RFCOMM server channel number


    were you able to set the server rfcomm channel as you required?
    I have the same problem and I don't know how to solve it.


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