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Thread: Click-to-call?

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    I added a line of wtai and let user click my link and the phone make a call automatically. However, I found that the call could be made, but I cannot use the "tone input".
    What I am talking about is "Press 1 to hear XXXXXX , Press 2 to hear XXXX" that kind of things. I can click-to-call, but I cannot use the audio phone menu as there is no tone when I press 1.

    Please help!!! THX!

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    Re: Click-to-call?

    I have done this using jsp and wmlscript

    You can send tones as dtmf call in sequence with a live call
    Call wmlscript file's method within a wml file

    extern method(){

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    Re: Click-to-call?

    If it's a fixed menu, you can send them together with the phonenumber, seperated by a pause P


    to send '1234' after being connected

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