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    epoch.exe won't run

    I'm pretty new at this. I have gotten several of the example programs working. Now the emulator has stopped working. When I try to run a program cntl+F5, the image of the phone comes up with a blank screen and then goes away after a second. I was told to run epoch.exe from epoch32\release\winscw\udeb. The same thing happens. The only other advice I've gotten is to re-install the whole devlopers sdk- seems a bit extreme. Does anyone know of another fix?

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    Re: epoch.exe won't run

    Indeed, it is possible to kill the emulator. You should really try re-installing. It is a good idea to backup (zip, rar, etc.) the epoc32 folder immediately after installation (since it gets larger even after you start the emulator first time), thus later if the environment happens to fail again you just delete the old one, and uncompress the working one. The other folders (documentation, examples, tools) usually survive anything.

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    Re: epoch.exe won't run

    Very difficult answer,Trial and error kind of installation?

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