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    SIP MESSAGE initResponse problem


    I'm facing problems sending SIP MESSAGEs on my S60 3rd edition handsets.
    My code is largely based on the SIP examples that came along with 3rd edition SDK. What it does is it sends a SIP MESSAGE to a SIP server (which is the SIP registrar as well) which forwards it to the receiving handset. The receiving handset on receiving the SIP MESSAGE then returns a response to the sending handset, through the SIP server as well.

    However I am having problems generating the 200 response on the handset. When I view the server logs, I am unable to see the response reaching the server at all.

    Here is the code:
    Here I am trying to send a MESSAGE in a class that implements SipClientConnectionListener.

    private void sendMessage() {
          //Add code for sendMessage here..
          SipClientConnection sc = null;
        	  sc = (SipClientConnection) Connector.open(address.getString());
        	  String text = message.getString();
        	  sc.initRequest("MESSAGE", scn_reg);
    "sip:" + username_send.getString()+"@xxsoftware.com");
        	  sc.setHeader("Subject", subject.getString());
        	   sc.setHeader("Content-Type", MIME_TYPE);
        	  sc.setHeader("Content-Length", ""+text.length());
        	  //sc.setHeader("Expires", "300");
        	  sc.setHeader("Accept-Contact", "*;type=\"text/plain\"");
        	  sc.setHeader("Contact", contact_reg);
        	  OutputStream os = sc.openContentOutputStream();
        	  os.close(); //close and send out
          } catch (Exception e) {
        	  System.out.print("SendMessage: ");
    My notifyResponse method just appends the response code to a form and displays it.

    Here is the code for the receiving handset in a class implementing SipServerConnectionListener:

    public void receiveMessage() {
        //Add code for receiveMessage here...
    	  try {
    		  if (scn_recv != null) scn_recv.close();
    		  scn_recv = (SipConnectionNotifier)  Connector.open("sip:*;type=\"text/plain\"");
    	  } catch (Exception e) {
    And this is the notifyRequest method:

    public void notifyRequest(SipConnectionNotifier scn) {
    	  try {
    		ssc = scn.acceptAndOpen();
    		System.out.println("Call-ID: " + ssc.getHeader("Call-ID")); 
                    //ssc.getHeader("Call-ID") returns null even though
                    //the server logs show that the message contains Call-ID header
    		System.out.println("CSeq: " + ssc.getHeader("CSeq"));
    		//same as getHeader for Call-ID
    		if (ssc.getMethod().equals("MESSAGE")){
    			ssc.initResponse(200); //send 200 OK
    	} catch (Exception e){
    		form_recv.append("notifyRequest exception: "+e);
    Both the sending and receiving handsets are S60 3rd edition phones (testing was done on N73, N91, N93) and registration was done successfully on the SIP registrar before sending and receiving was initiated.

    Like I said I am unable to see the 200 OK response being sent to the SIP server at all. But the phone returns no Exception when the initResponse and send methods are executed. But the code works fine when I send from emulator to emulator

    And does anyone know why the SipServerConnection would return null when I getHeader for Call-ID and CSeq even though the request contains these 2 headers?

    Could anyone help? Thanks
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    Re: SIP MESSAGE initResponse problem

    Even iam facing the same problem of sending 200 OK response using the initResponse method of SipServerConnection class. If you have got the solution please let me know as even iam stuck at the same place as you were.
    Please let me know how did you solve this problem please.
    Thanks in advance

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