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Mobile Games and Mobile Application Porting Lab involved in delivery of over 1000 mobile ports as part of ongoing global projects.

The Porting Lab is a leading Mobile Porting Services provider for publishers, developers and wireless carriers globally. With a capacity of 100 workstations and access to a large pool of device resources and technology, The Porting Lab can port mobile content to virtually any device on the planet.

Strategically located in India, The Porting Lab is able to offer up to 70% savings for companies looking to outsource their porting needs. An ability to port to a staggering 650+ mobile devices ensures that content reaches maximum critical mass for runaway commercial success.

The Porting Lab has now successfully worked on and been involved in over 1000 ports for games published by companies such as Warner Bros., Disney, Sony Pictures, Sega Mobile, and iFone amongst others.

The Porting Lab offers both Manual Porting Services and Automated Porting, and is a licensed service provider for the Tira Wireless Jump Suite – the industry’s only automated porting platform.

A solid team of experienced Tira Certified Porting Engineers - with the ability to deliver projects with rapid turnaround time and at a fraction of industry prices, distinguishes The Porting Lab from the competition.

Solutions to port Mobile Games, Applications, Ringtones and Wallpapers developed on J2ME, BREW, Symbian and WinCE platforms are offered. Ports can be carried out across devices within the same language or cross-platform. All ported delivery builds are hardware tested across actual devices in phone families to ensure compatibility and 100% workability. Pure device testing only services are also offered. BREW ports are NSTL certified, and J2ME ports can be Java Verified.

By outsourcing porting and device testing services to The Porting Lab, mobile content development companies will be able to focus on your core competency of developing content, and enjoy the following key benefits -

(a) zero investments in licensing fees of expensive porting platforms

(b) total freedom from training and managing large in-house porting teams

(c) time and cost savings from the arduous task of device acquisitions

Whether companies need 10 ports or 500 ports – The Porting Lab can help them get the porting monkey off their back.


Contact Info:
The Porting Lab || Chakra Interactive Pvt Ltd
17/18 Metro House, Colaba Causeway,
Mumbai 400001, India.

Ph: +91.22.22029732 / 36
Fx: + 91.22.22029728

Gitanjali Lamba, VP Business Development