I have some doubts and questions with AllFiles and TCB capabilities.

Let me clear from my point of view.
I just want to test on only one phone(one IMEI). I don't want to purchase ACS Publisher ID right now. And I don't want to pay for Manufaturer's capabilities right now.
I am going to have developer certificate for other required capabilities(except AllFiles and TCB-as they are not supported without manufacture's capabilities+ACS Publisher's ID)

Now it goes here:

In my application, i want to hide my application's icon from the phone on particular event, say on SMS arrival, on phone call ,etc.. any particluar sort of event which belongs to my application.
Now the SDK help says:
Read-only resource files shared by (potentially) all applications.
Applications without any capabilities can read these files.
Tcb capability required to modify the \resource contents.
The Software installer adds and updates these files, but not anything else.
In earlier versions i was able to do it with changing some attributes of my file from the system\apps\.... But in 3rd edition there are lot many problems even if i want to modify my own file attributes.

So my questions are:
1) Can't i process with my own file for genuine reason?
2) How much it will cost for manufacturer's capabilites? Any clue.
3) Do you have any other solution to hide my application's icon on particular event?

Please help me. I am stuck here.
Any pointers, help will be greatly appreciated....

Waiting for your replies............