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    ComboBox in my FORM

    Hi, guys.

    I wonder is it possible to have a field like combo in the form?

    in documents o found:

    type, which specifies a control type, such as EEikCtEdwin, EEikCtNumberEditor, EEikCtDateEditor, EEikCtTimeEditor, EEikCtDurationEditor, EEikCtSecretEd, or EAknCtSlider. Types are defined in the .hrh file, for example, eikon.hrh or avkon.hrh.

    so I guese there is no any combobox for the form,
    but!!! I saw Handy Expense app. and there is a form have some fields - when
    i try to edit them there is some kind of combobox

    any suggestions?

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    Re: ComboBox in my FORM

    with S60 there is no combobox available. Basically you could always make yopur own custom control that behaves differently, or you could try utilizing other system components. For example when somebody starts editing your editor line, you could use pop-up lists to show different selections instead of opening the editor in edit mode etc.


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