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    How to Test client-server application In the local server.

    Hello friends,
    I am using the 6600.For this device i have devloped a client server application.I have uploaded my servlets on my clients server.and I was able to access it properly.But now due to some errors in the server side ,I am unable to access my servlets.So i need to run my servlet in my local server .

    I am using netBeans IDE for devloping the application.And I am able to upload the servlets in the local server.I am also having the internet connection.

    But i am not able to access the swervlet from my mobile .It gives the "SYMBIAN ERROR. -33".

    I am using the direct connection. and also using the current IP address for hitting the server.

    Can Any one help me out how can i access the servlet(present in local server)from my application present in the 6600.

    Please I waiting for ur replies... for the solution of above problem .


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    Re: How to Test client-server application In the local server.

    A basic tutorial about midlets accessing servlets:

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    Re: How to Test client-server application In the local server.

    hi Rajesh,

    please review netbeans ide help topics,
    for example topics like:
    - importing existing web application into new web application project
    - building mobile client to existing web project,

    netbeans offers "Mobile client to web application" wizard, which - assuming that you have local web application project deployed on built-in tomcat - create all client-side code for mobile applicaton to existing server side code, after which you can customize it to suite your needs,


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