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    http error to connect to Activ server


    I am trying to connect to HelloWorld servlet on Nokia Activ Server thru Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit but http error 404(Not found) is coming. The servlet is loaded and mapped properly and when I am hitting the url as per mapping i.e. http://localhost/HelloWorld it is giving me the error.

    Is there any other configuration reqd for running Activ server as a http server? Http service is setup on server as "Http Client" and toolkit is set up to connect to server thru port 9021.

    What is the root directory of Nokia Activ server ? is it wap_root? I tried to test static wml pages on this folder but no luck.

    Can anyone help me please?

    Thanks & regards


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    RE: http error to connect to Activ server

    instead of using hostname in URL (e.g. http://hostname/helloworld) try to use default mappings (because you are trying to access local wap pages). If you haven't changed default mappings, you can load with Toolkit

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    RE: http error to connect to Activ server

    hi supriya
    follow these steps
    start activ server
    open server manager
    create server core component. Lets say for ip address you have given the ip of the machine(IP) and taken the default port 3000
    now go to the servlet mappings of the server component you've added
    change the helloworld mapping to http://IP:3000/helloworld/ (where IP is the ipaddress of the wap server machine)
    now start this server component.
    Next open your toolkit(it may lie anywhere on the network)
    Open Settings-device settings-Connection- and enter your gateway address(same as IP) select the port 9200. Let all other settings of your toolkit be default.
    Now simply access the helloworld servlet by typing in the url http://IP:3000/helloworld/
    It will work!! All the best

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