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    Talking j2ME and DRM support

    Hi everyone. I'll try to explain my doubt about DRM with my poor knowledge of english..sorry..

    I saw that some platforms, like S60 3rd edition for example, support reading of a DRM protected content using FileConnection and playing via MMAPI, by passing the locator as an argument to the player.

    Ok, now i think to have understood that,apart from this support, it isn't possible to manage a DRM protected file in any way using J2ME.

    For example, what if i want to write a Java application that show to the user a list of contents and then i want the user to select a content and download that, using the J2me APIs, via http or bluetooth for example? Can't i do that?
    I read in a paper that trying to save a DRM file cause that file to loose it's DRM rights and therefore it's usability. The file gets corrupted and it's not playable. The only way to preserve DRM features is getting the file via an http browser or MMS, outside the application, so that the DRM rights can be added to the device DRM database.

    Is that true? so isn't it possible to write java apps that manage DRM files?

    that's bad! Is to write a DRM ad-hoc "wrapper" the only way to get such kind of protection in our J2ME apps??

    Thank u. I hope my english is not so bad for u to understand. :S

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    Re: j2ME and DRM support


    If your English was not good, then mine could not be called English anymore. :-)

    Actually I have tried to save a DRM protected file by MIDlet. The file (mp3) could be played, just its DRM features were lost thought. Once downloading the file via mobile browser, its DRM features were preserved. It confuses me, so I am still trying to work it out.

    But it's nice to have a discussion with you.



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    Re: j2ME and DRM support

    hi Charles,
    what you stated about JSR-75 created mp3 drm protected file which is then playable via MMAPI is not consistent with Nokia technote:
    Saving and reading DRM-protected files using FileConnection API and Mobile Media API

    I've never tried myself yet but that should be discussed here as different (from technoted) behavior,


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    Re: j2ME and DRM support

    I want to download the DRM music content via HTTP and play using the MMAPI.
    Any one please help me out.
    Senthil kumar

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