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    "Error 1" abld build thumb urel


    I have using S60 FP2.My problem is I am able to build application for WINS,application builds and runs fine on emulator. But whn i compile for thumb UREL i get the following error.


    make: *** [TARGETMOBILE] Error 2

    I searched forum but was unable to find a solution. Please help.

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    Re: "Error 1" Thumb UREL


    I am answering my own question.

    building for wins is different as we r building uisng the microsoft compiler.When building for phone we use the GCC compiler,...which is very strict.

    As an example i have a case here,where we.....may be building for thumb/armi that uses GCC compiler.It is very strict in "type checking".Im my case i had the following syntax.

    TBuf<2> iViewBuf;
    iViewBuf.Num(aPrevViewId.iViewUid.iUid); //Compiles well for wins Fails for
    //when buildign for thumb/armi

    ViewBuf.Num((TInt)aPrevViewId.iViewUid.iUid);//Change the above with this
    //compiles well for

    The reason is aPrevViewId.iViewUid.iUid returns "TInt32"(unsigned long) type and Num() function expects TInt(signed 32-bit).If we do not type cast code will compile and link fine for wins, but would fail for thumb/armi builds because it uses the GCC compiler that strictly checks for type mismatch.

    Also GCC would not generate any warnings or errors like "type mismatch". simply it would fail to compile.

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