I am trying to develop some themes for my newly aquired N93 and am having an issue with developing themes with both portrait and landscape backgrounds using Carbide UI. The older theme generators (e.g. S60 Theme Studio 3.0) seem to allow you to have a background BMP for portrait mode and a different background BMP for landscape mode however the Carbide UI seems to only allow one or the other (and consequently distorts the image when switching modes).

Unfortunately themes developed in S60_TS_3 do not work on the N93 as I get a not supported error when I try to install (they have been built with a certificate and key). When I import the S60_TS_3 theme to Carbide UI it loses the landscape background (if I have it setup for portrait mode) along with other settings. I have checked the Carbide generated .tdf files in notepad and they do not seem to be the support for different images whereas the S60_TS_3 ones do.

Two questions that I hope someone can answer: -

1. Is it possible have both landscape and portrait modes in a theme developed in Carbide (and if so, how?)

2. How can I use S60_TS_3 to develop themes for my N93?

Any help appreciated...