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    Thumbs up application opens by flag status!

    Hi all..

    I am writing a program by which once an application is installed in one phone model than the IMEI number is validated and then and then it will allow to install an application. I have used RSA algorithm for the security purpose and validation is checked via sms medium.

    now let me explain,where I am stuck! Initially flag is setted to 0, then further some validation..flag=1 and finally...it is setted to 2. This checking is only done once but each time when application is opened,it will check for IMEI number. Now the problem is, I initialize flag by 0 and next time when I open application, every time it must be 2 which is finally setted.

    How can I achieve that?? (HOPE I HAVE EXPLAINED CLEARLY)

    plz help


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    Smile Re: application opens by flag status!

    Hello Symbee,

    Write the last value to the File.
    When you open the application next time, check against the value from the file.


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    Re: application opens by flag status!

    Oh thanx Kiran..

    Let me try this!! I was thinking about some high fundaz like registry key n all.

    If some problem arise I will come back to u!!

    Best regards

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