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    Question problems of array initiatilzation in Nokia CLDC1.1

    Hi, I am facing a strange problem.
    I m developing a game where I store the state of enemies in an array and manipulate that array at runtime to change enemy states

    But when I play the game on any Nokia cldc1.1 phone its gives a jerk when the state of enemy is changed. But this happens only for the first time next time time while changing state it runs smoothly.

    The same build runs fine on 6600 and SE devices.

    Can anyone help me solve my problem...........

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    Re: problems of array initiatilzation in Nokia CLDC1.1


    what are differencies between cldc1.0 and 1.1? floats? you mentioned "jerk" which I guess means either "incorrect default value" or maybe initialization time difference?
    I would probably provide pre-initialized array to digg issue if you are seeing that array initialization is suspected as the reason of differencies between cldc versions,


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