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Thread: HTTP over WLAN?

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    HTTP over WLAN?


    we build a JAVA application wich uses the J2ME HTTPConnection to connect over HTTP to a webservice. Now we are searching for a mobile phone wich supports a HTTP (TCP/IP) connection. We found out that it´s not possible to establish a HTTP connection over Bluetooth ( am I right? ). With GPRS/UMTS we have to pay for every trannsfered byte. So the Only possible way to use HTTP for free is WLAN. Now my question, is it possible with the N93 to use the WLAN connectivity to establish a http connection to a WebService or isn´t it possible to use the WLAN connection?

    Greetings from Germany


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    Re: HTTP over WLAN?

    It is possible to use the WLAN connetion. The user has to select the correct APN though.


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