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    Need Help To Retrive Message From SMSC via CIMD

    Hi all im new in this and im facing problem to rectrive incoming sms to smsc thriught my application eariler i was using SMPP protocol for sending and reciving message from SMSC but now i want to use CIMD2.0 but im able to send message with the code givien by noika in CIMD Tool Section but how i recive messages from there. Plz help me in this or if u have your code plz tell me actually i have no time because my project date is very soon so plz help me thanks

    Pranay Saxena

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    RE: Need Help To Retrive Message From SMSC via CIMD


    Can you please clarify for us which of the CIMD tools did you use ?
    Was it: a) javacimd.zip b) Cimd.zip or c) cimdlib_10b.zip

    Can you also tell how did you use the tool (commands that you type etc). Did you also receive any errors ?

    Antti/Forum Nokia

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