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    Placing a call from MIDlet or server

    I am working on a project where I need to alert the user of the MIDlet by placing a voice call automatically. Say, user of MIDlet A sends files to user of MIDlet B through our server using http protocol. Since the IP address of a phone is not known to our server unless the MIDlet makes the http connection by itself, we need to worry about some way of alerting the user of MIDlet B about the file that is waiting for him/her at our server which he/she can pick by launching his MIDlet and opening http connection.

    I am kind of stomped on this one and appreciate any pointers on how to solve this.



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    Re: Placing a call from MIDlet or server

    Any response, folks?


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    Re: Placing a call from MIDlet or server

    Solution A) The receiving midlet polls the server regularily for new content (use PushRegistry timers). Drawbacks: For unsigned midlets the user is prompted to allow network connection every time. Also the midlet launch could cause confirmation dialogs. Delay in receiving the content

    Solution B) someting simlar to this (although here the server is just a proxy for a mobile content server http://opensource.nokia.com/projects...ver/index.html

    Solution C) Register the phone number on a server which notifies the midlet using a SMS (using PushRegistry)


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