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Thread: SDK help

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    Unhappy SDK help


    I am developing an application in S60. But I want "drag and drop" UI Designer also at no cost. Which Tools & SDK I should download.
    right now I am using carbide c++ v1.1, build ID 47. But while I am taking S60 GUI and UI designer in that it shows some FlexLX licensing problem. I think it is only a demo version or we have to purchase the license.
    if anybody knows the tools&SDK and UI designer with no cost please help me.:


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    Re: SDK help

    The answer is NO. As of now there is no free tool available for UI design.

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    Re: SDK help


    check this link might help u


    Shaffin tried for developing UI components for s60..

    I didn't tried it..this engine

    Worth a try ...

    Thanks and Regards,
    Mateen Maldar M
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