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    RArray vs. RPointerArray

    In the Symbian OS header file implementationinformation.h we find:

    typedef RArray<CImplementationInformation*> RImplInfoArray;

    typedef RPointerArray<CImplementationInformation> RImplInfoPtrArray;

    Aren't these two basically the same? I have been wondering whether
    there is any difference between an

    RArray<Foo *> and an RPointerArray<Foo>.

    Conceptually, these two seem the same. What about
    the implementation. Are there differences?



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    Re: RArray vs. RPointerArray

    The basic difference b/w a RArray and a RPointerArray is that in the former, the instances are owned by the Array while in the latter the array has pointers to the actual instances.

    RArray(owns) -> The instance
    RPointerArray(pointer)-> points to the instances.

    So where u want to own the instances per se use RArray while where u just want to use the instances and not be bothered about the ownership use RPointerArray.


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