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    Applications in background

    In symbian is possible that an application starts when the telephone ignites?
    It is an application for nokia 6600 in c++.

    somebody can help me?


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    Re: Applications in background

    Quote Originally Posted by [URL]http://developer.symbian.com/main/tools/utilities/cpp/index.jsp#sob[/URL]

    Start-on-Boot Registration API

    A common task Symbian OS developers face is to set up daemon services that run in the background waiting for or initiating events. For example you might wish to have some code execute or an application be launched at a scheduled time, or in response to receiving an inbound connection. In practice the combination of CActive and CServer classes provides the framework to create the service itself. What can be tricky, though, is ensuring that the service is running at all times, especially after the phone is rebooted. We provide here for the first time a very simple solution to this problem. The Start-on-Boot API allows you to specify that an executable of your choice be launched and kept running indefinitely by registering it for re-launch as part of the phone's boot sequence. The implementation of the API includes checks which ensure that any malfunctioning executable introduced into the boot sequence which prevents successful reboot subsequently is automatically de-registered.
    This API extension is what you need. Check the link above and make sure you read the "Start On Boot API Notes for Release V1.3.doc" included in the package for informations about API usage.

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    Re: Applications in background

    Quote Originally Posted by rcortesr
    In symbian is possible that an application starts when the telephone ignites?.

    Starting an application to automatically dial 911 and ask for the fire service would be useful ;-)

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    Smile Re: Applications in background


    Check out the following link:
    Post #6 and #7

    I hope this will help you.

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    Re: Applications in background


    you can find all informatins in the forum... You could

    1/ do whatever you want during boot-up sequence
    2/ start background running EXE server
    3/ start application and send it to the background

    But I don't know if there are some limitations on v9.2(3rd_FP1)..



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