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    Nokia MMSC and legacy phone

    Is it possible with the Nokia MMS-C (using EAIF) to specify when sending an MMS to have the message being sent if and only if the phone is MMS compliant. In the case of a legacy phone, an error would be sent back to the sender and the text SMS with the URL would not be sent to the phone.
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    RE: Nokia MMSC and legacy phone

    You seem to be asking if a 3rd party application could tell the MMSC to either send the MMS message to a MMS device, or do not send anything at all. This means you are asking the MMSC to override whatever method it is currently using to handle legacy cases. Presently this is not possible, and I wouldn't expect it to be in the near future, either.

    *IF* there is legacy handling, it is handled as you say - the message is stored on a legacy server, and an SMS with the URL to the message content is sent. If there is *not* legacy handling, the recipient's terminal just gets an SMS PUSH that it does not understand, and no one knows anything (save for the sender, who probably figures it out if his delivery reports don't ever show up).

    -paul / ForumNokia

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