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    Mobile Networking: Accessing Mobile from server on internet

    I had GPRS enabled sim, and am able to access a remote server (Windows XP) from my mobile. Also, when I connect to the internet, an IP is assigned to my Mobile device. I am not able to access my mobile device using this IP. Moreover I am not able to ping this IP from my remote server. But from My Mobile device I am able to ping the server. I am using Airtel as GPRS service provider. Any idea where the problem lies.
    The main aim of my application is two way communication between a Mobile and a Server over internet using some protocol (RMI or http).

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Mobile Networking: Accessing Mobile from server on internet


    I don't think the IP assigned to your phone is a Static global IP. It is specific and internal to the operator network. That's why u are not able to ping it from outside. Moreover that is Dynamic IP and is valid only for the seesion.

    To your server u can connect using socket but i don't think vice-versa. Two way comm is possible if u connect from phone to server. and phone should act as client


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