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    Fit screen size on specific mobile devices

    Hi folks!

    I have a question: How can I make the screen size of my XHTML MP site using PHP and MySQL fit to the screen-size of the device it is displayed? (Without horizontal scrolling!!)

    Example: http://wap.cinema.de/op/cinema/de/ct/

    The tricky thing about this is that there must have been set a maximum size somewhere because even on my PC with a high resolution (1920px*1200px) the site is displayed properly without a messed up content.

    [Perhaps database driven CSS values?]

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    Re: Fit screen size on specific mobile devices

    You need to resize your graphics as they may be whats causing your scrolling issue.

    PhP has a GD library which you can use to dynamically resize your graphics to each devices screenwidth (minus scroll bar ).

    Screendims can be taken from the device Uaprof xml file or data sheets from manufacturers.
    Or you could use Wurfl or similar detection applications.
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