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    Nokia 6021 config for j2me network acces

    Hi guys,

    i have a 6021 phone and a j2me game. The game needs to acces a servlet...and it does not i have a http connection error ... it simply can not connect to the address.

    I tested the same code on emulators and 2 different devices and it worked..so it does not seem to be a problem in the code ....

    I called custumer support and i had my wap and mobile internet acounts set and now i can browse any page i want ...i can even browse the host on wich my servlet is but i can not acces the url from j2me. I also installed a very simple example application for http connection and that one can not acces the web also.

    For these reasons i think the problem is with the setting of my phone. If anyone can give me an advice it would be highly appreciate.

    Is it a must for my game to be signed in order to acces the internet?


    P.S. i think i posted this in the wrong place...if one of the admin would be so kind to move it to the correct place i would appreciate it... sorry
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    Re: Nokia 6021 config for j2me network acces

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