(refers to C.c++ 1.1)
I have an "app" project with build configs for just one SDK(2.0 FP2). Now I installed another SDK on my computer (2.0 FP1) and would like to build my project for that SDK too. So...
I bring up the project properties and click on the "Manage..." button next to Configuration drop down.
When clicking on New... I'm faced with two options:
Either copy settings from an existing config or from a default config for the SDK I want to add to my project.
The latter choice will leave you a with a build config that's basically for an empty project: None of the libraries or include paths I need are added to my project. Copying from an existing config however makes an identical copy of that configuration. Seems to be the right choice for my case. Unfortunately that config will not reference the newly installed SDK yet. And I can't see a way how to change that: the EPOCROOT variable is not changeable.

So I ended up manually adding all the necessary libs/includes/settings to a new default configuration. What a pain... But there does not seem to be a way to change the target outputpath from winscw/udeb to system/apps/...
Whenever I build my project, I have to manually copy the app file over to the system/app/... directory.

Am I overlooking something here? There should be an easier way to add new buld configurations for additional SDKs for already existing projects.