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    question about WAP browser

    if my nokia phone spec listed WAP browser does this means it can read standard WML code based web content. Because I have code a file *.wml which contains purely WML tags eg <card name="home"> ....

    funny thing is my friends' other brand mobile phone works eg. samsung, sony ericsson, motorola but only my nokia doesn't work.

    is it because nokia manipulate the code different to others?
    anyone knows the correct format that i need to follow in order to get nokia phone works?

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    Re: question about WAP browser

    Which Nokia model is your Nokia? Is it, perhaps, one that supports WAP 2.0 = XHTML-MP? Is it perhaps one with different browsers (like S60 3rd Edition based devices, where "Services" supports WAP and "Web" doesn't at all)?

    Also what does "doesn't work" really mean in your case? Doesn't connect? Doesn't render the page? You get some error message? What? Are you using (connecting through) a WAP access point or an Internet access point?

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    Re: question about WAP browser

    it is a Nokia 2610.
    if i use other brand mobile the page will load up properly
    but if i use nokia it return "file format unknown"

    someone put the service up and told me to access that url so i think it is a internet access point

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