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    how to get access point's mac address form N93

    I have try this example(below) form NOKIA tech library.
    But in this example, this method could not return the information of mac address.
    Cloud any senior help me. Thanks a lot.
    #include <rconnmon.h>

    void CWlanTest:: ListNetworksAndSignalL(CDesCArraySeg& aNetworks)


    _LIT(KNetInfo, "Network: %S\tSignal: %d");

    TBuf<32> netName;

    TBuf<100> line;

    RConnectionMonitor monitor;

    TPckgBuf<TConnMonNetworkNames> pkgNetworks;

    // establish connection with the monitor server


    // prepare leave clean-up


    TRequestStatus status;

    // get the list of available networks

    monitor.GetPckgAttribute(EBearerIdWLAN, 0, KNetworkNames, pkgNetworks, status);

    // suspend thread until the info is retrieved

    // production code should use active objects

    User::WaitForRequest( status ) ;

    // leave if the asynchronous method returned an error


    // reset networks list


    // add retrieved networks to the list

    for(TUint i=0; i<pkgNetworks().iCount; i++)



    line.Format(KNetInfo, &netName, pkgNetworks().iNetwork[i].iSignalStrength);



    // close server session


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