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    RVCT and S60 2nd SDKs

    I´ve received the RVCT evaluation CD, but i´m dont know teh compatibility with S60 SDK´s... my main target is old models like NGage, 6600 and others.. the S60 2nd v2.0 SDK and v1.2 have support to RVCT compiler or I can use only the provided GCCE ? And how i configure abdl to use RVCT to build my projects ? Searching in the web i found only answers about S60 3rd SDKS...

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: RVCT and S60 2nd SDKs

    You need rvct21lib, rvct21inc rvct21bin settings in your environment path if your compiler is rvct2.1, and similarly for rvct2.2. Check the documentation, you may also need to set the license file.

    But the question is why you need rvct compiler for 2nd edition.

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    Re: RVCT and S60 2nd SDKs

    I´m starting programming for Symbian mobiles and for learning purposes i ´m testing GCCE and RCVT . Searching information about SDL implementation for S60 2nd i´have found some comments about problems with GCCE and other limitations... but i dont know much more about differences of both compilers.

    Again, thanks for the help !

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