I'm attempting to import a file containing HTML into a CRichText object on S60 v3 (using the maintenance release SDK). I use CONARC to convert the text/html into epoc32/crichtext, and then paste the result into the editor. I pick a converter by offering the relevant MIME types to CCnaConverterList, and then use the returned Uid to access an instance of the converter through CConverterBase. On the emulator this works very well. Too well!

On the devices tested (E61, E70) this approach fails because the Uid returned from CCnaConverterList is zero, suggesting that there is no HTML to richtext converter on the phones. If I attempt to use the Uid that the emulator reports on the phone, instead of relying on CCnaConverterList for it, then I simply get a null pointer when I ask for an instance of the converter. So that again suggests that this particular converter is not present on the device (or is not exposed).

So, has anyone used this particular plugin successfully on E-series devices? And if it really isn't accessible or implemented there, is there a comparably easy way to convert HTML for use in a CEikRichTextEditor, or am I going to have to write my own HTML tag stripper?