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    Help:Text list box(CEikTextListBox) problem on Scroll Bar


    I wanna create a text list box on S60 3rd Edition device(E60). This is my
    codes to implement it:

    iTxLstBx = new(ELeave) CEikTextListBox;
    CEikScrollBarFrame::EOn); //set scroll bar visibility.
    iTxLstBx->SetExtent(TPoint(10, 65), TSize(310,100));
    TFontSpec spec(_L("Arial"), 5);

    The problem is that I can't see the horizontal scroll bar. Only can see the
    vertical scroll bar. So if there're many characters on one line, I only can
    see some of them.

    Can you help to see if I miss something on my codes? Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Help:Text list box(CEikTextListBox) problem on Scroll Bar

    The Style Guide at ->

    Developer Guides >> S60 UI Style Guide

    Mentions that


    A grid should not be scrollable in both dimensions; it is acceptable only in cases where the grid has a natural geometry that cannot be changed. Calendar's Month view is an example of this kind of geometry (but even in that case it is better to fit the whole month on the screen rather than make it scrollable in both dimensions).


    So you should take that into consideration as well..coz i would suggest that u should try and think of a way of not having 2 scroll bars on the same view..it is not a nice UI to look at.

    I know this is not the kind of answer u might be expecting but since i came across it thought..will mention it to you..


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